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Homepage - Car Fix Auto Center
The entry to our website, showcasing our Chicago auto repair services - including car painting, auto restoration and tune ups. Based in Chicago 60625.

About Our Auto Shop
Located at the edge of the Mayfair, Albany Park, North Park and other north side Chicago neighborhoods, Car Fix Auto Center is your honest auto mechanic in Chicago.

Services - Auto Repair & More
We are more than a Chicago auto body repair shop! We serve our neighbors by providing car painting, tune ups, auto restoration, tires and more. Located near Northeastern Illinois University.

Auto Repair Discounts Available
We are committed to fair and honest pricing. We also like to reward our loyal customers with discounts and special offers.

Car Fix Auto Center Reviews
We appreciate our loyal customers and are grateful for their enthusiastic reviews. A referral to your family member or friend is the highest compliment that you can give us.

Contact Car Fix
Please contact us for a quote or special discounts.

Car Fix Auto Restoration Gallery
Gallery of auto restoration, car painting and auto repair.

Map to Car Fix Auto Center - 60625
View a map to our Chicago auto repair shop.

Chicago Tune Up Tips
How to save on gas, prepare for a long trip and deal with the weather extremes of summer and winter in Chicago.

Chicago Car Painting Services
At Car Fix Auto Center, we don't just paint your vehicle we make sure it looks like a new car from the showroom, thanks to our car painting services.

Fix my scratched car!
Looking for a great place in Chicago to fix your scratched car? Try our Chicago auto body repair center.