Chicago Car Painting

At Car Fix Auto Center, we don't just paint your vehicle we make sure it looks like a new car from the showroom, thanks to our car painting services. Our painters can match any color you wish. Our paint and body shop also offers outstanding customized detail work. One of our specialties is a full color change for your car, truck or van with the reliable help of our professional sanders.

Taking pride in your car is important. Cars that are dingy and dented are not handled with care by valets, family and friends or those in parking lots. Car Fix specializes in auto body repair and car painting helps everyone see how important your vehicle is to you.

What is airbrush/squeegee touch up?
An airbrush or squeegee is used to apply paint over chips and scratches. The excess paint is then wiped off with an over spray remover, leaving the paint in the chip or scratch. This method nearly eliminates the damaged areas from obvious detection. Touch up repairs can be completed in one day, often while you wait, and costs considerably less than the cost of refinishing whole panels for typical rock chips.